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Mobile phone thief

Mobile robbery on the increase

If you are one of the tens of millions of Americans who already own a smartphone, you understand the tremendous value delivered by these mobile marvels – whether it’s helping you get work done on-the-go, keeping you connected to friends and family, or delivering news and entertainment. Unfortunately, criminals also recognize their value, and smartphone theft has become the fastest rising crime in U.S. cities.

In major cities a significant amount of robberies now involve cell phones, endangering both the physical safety of victims and the safety of personal information on stolen devices.

Location tracing feature on these software help you trace the exact location of your phone by getting the place plotted on the map. And so you know the street, the block, the building and even the house on the building where your phone is being enjoyed by the thief if you have installed software on it. So, you’ll go rushing to the person’s house, break open the door and get back your phone! Wait, police will do it, simply informing them will be enough.

Crime data from the New York Police Department show that iPhone and iPad thefts increased 40% between January 1 and September 23 of this year. Clearly, such thefts are becoming a significant problem, especially when you consider that smartphones can hold vast amounts of private and sensitive information, including personal banking links, emails, and social media content.