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Is there a doctor in the house?

Are viruses on smartphones real, or just the latest media hype designed to make a quick buck for those pushing their solution?

Worm: usually transmitted via messages SMS or MMS, and do not require user interaction for execution. Its main objective is to reproduce and spread to other devices, so it can be copied endlessly to collapse itself operating system of terminal and infect as many terminal is as available at your fingertips. They may also contain harmful instructions.

Trojan: usually appear in format executable or applications downloaded in the device, seemingly harmless and attractive to the user to be executed by it. When activated, the part of malware starts and can generate a lot of damage from the infection and deactivation of other applications itself phone leaving it unusable until the usurpation data (spyware) syncing with calendars, email accounts, notes and any other source of information before being sent to an remote server. In this case, the user interaction is essential for the activation of the virus.

iPhone owners have only one source for apps—Apple’s App Store—unless they “jailbreak” their device, which opens the door to a wide assortment of unapproved apps. Most of these are harmless, but jailbreak app stores offer criminals an easy way to distribute their malevolent wares.

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What’s a concerned Android smartphone owner to do? For starters, don’t panic. The vast majority of apps — especially those you find in Amazon’s Appstore and Android Market — are safe. And if you stick with popular, well-known apps, you’re unlikely to ever encounter app-powered mayhem.

On the flip side, there are certain kinds of apps you should definitely avoid. To paraphrase the old saying, any app that sounds too good to be true probably is. That means anything promising free wallpaper, free MP3s, free movies, and the like could be dangerous. And if an app offers free versions of apps you know cost money, remember that other old saying: “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”