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Android virus

Hackers fit WiFi sniffers to drones

As if smartphone users haven't enough to worry about, here comes "Snoopy" - drones with WiFi access points capable of hacking your smartphone from literally above your head. Hackers have actually built - and flown in London - a device which genuinely retrieved passwords and other confidential account details.

Spoofs WiFi access points you trust

The system uses your smartphones' feature of attempting to connect to a WiFi point you've already granted access to, because you've connected to it before. These could be public ones, such as Starbuck, McDonalds or BT. If the drone is in a public place close to a real one, it make the likelihood even greater of unknowing users being hacked.

Relax ... Snoopy is just a proof-of-concept, for now

Although clearly feasible, the whole project was actually created in order to present it to the upcoming Black Hat Asia conference in Singapore.