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Facebook color changer malware

Facebook smartphone users warned

Users are being warned to avoid a new Facebook app claiming to allow them to change their profile page header and color. Victims are tricked into downloading the app which then directs them to a phishing website, which then takes advantage of a weakness in the way Facebook handles its app pages. More than 10,000 users have already been hit, experts from internet security firm Cheeta Mobile warned.

The app is called "Facebook color changer" and when activated allows the hackers full access to the victims Facebook contacts, profile and accounts. It is slightly unusual, and particularly sneaky, in that when first run it directs the users to a video supposedly showing how the color change function works. What the users don't realize, however, is that whilst watching this video, the hackers are actually rummaging through their Facebook account.


Fortunately removing it is straightforward: 

The good news is this App is very easy to get rid of — just remove the color changer app from the Facebook app settings page. Cheetah Mobile Security also advises affected users to change their passwords. However, there is one safe app for people who want to change Facebook’s blue palette. Google Chrome Users can go to and install a free Web app that changes Facebook’s color scheme to just about any color they desire.