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Masque Attack threat to iPhones, iPads

Hackers can fake legitimate apps

A vulnerability in all Apple devices running iOS7 or later - that's a whopping 95% of them - has surfaced which can trick users into replacing installed Apps which they are familiar with, and therefore trust, with malicious ones.

Termed "Masque Attack" by the internet security company FireEye, the attack worked by replacing the icons on a users home screen with identical ones the user was familiar with. The Apps these launched, however, had been replaced by malware.

Getting these apps onto the devices in the first place was always considered nearly impossible, but with the recent discovery of malware such as "WireLurker" this now becomes a real concern.

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Has Apples iCloud been hacked?

Celebrity photo leaks sparks iCloud hack panic

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, has announced that Apple will add additional security steps to block hackers from the iCloud following the celebrity photo leak scandal. These new measures include alerting users through email and push messages when a password change is attempted, a restore operation performed or when the network first encounters a new device. Cook also announced further enhancements to the two factor authentication system, which he encourages all users to activate in the new version of iOS.

The concerns focus around the backup feature the iCloud supports - in particular the fact that users were not notified when someone accessed a backup on another device. This is because it's thought that these offline backups were used as the attack vector in the celebrity nude photo hack, and not a direct breach of the iCloud itself.