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Spike Apple Smartphone Virus

Hack uses Siri, Twitter and email search

Youtube user EverythingApplePro has demonstrated another iOS hack which works with the current live version (as at the time of writing) of iOS 9.

With a locked iPhone 6S Plus, he issues a simple Siri query which lets a user access a users photos and contacts. Securing this has proved a headache for Apple for years, and this latest hack just goes to show how difficult a task this is proving to be.

He stesses the trick is to get Siri to answer with an email, which then following through by tapping on it opens up the contacts app. Once in, the hacker can create new contacts and access the devices photos.

"Siri, show me the private photos of this locked iPhone"

Reports are coming in of this also working on the regular iPhone 6.

9to5Mac has more details, and a workaround until a patch has been issued is to disable Siris access to photos or from the lock screen itself.

Here's another demonstration: