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SMS Worm


In a return to the old-school way of spreading smartphone viruses, the recently discovered Andr/SlfMite-A worm "merely" sends a link to a site via an SMS to the first 20 contacts on the handsets it infects. This has proven to be a tricky method to stamp out however, since a users contacts usually trust those in each others contacts lists and so tend to click the link instinctively. The target link then installs the same virus to the recipients handset, and so the whole process begins again.

It does more

The days when these kind of worms spread for fun and did nothing else are long gone. This one, once on an infected device, tries to install Mobogenie, which is an alternative to Google's Play Store. Whilst there may well be nothing wrong with Mobogenie, it is obviously a concern that a virus is attempting to get users to download apps from a non-Google trusted app store. This is how it appears when it arrives on a handset:


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