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Don't try this at home

Here's an epic Samsung vs LG battle - but is it fair? Max Lee decided to test the waterproofing claim Samsung are making of the S7 and took a video for good measure.

Now whilst there are endless jokes about keeping your phone clean we could make, or not leaving it in your jeans, in the end this was actually a deliberate waterproofing test. Just to really give things a twist, the handset is powered up throughout its entire ordeal.

Well, it makes a change from the usual "dropping onto concrete" antics. Wonder what this would have done to the warranty...

IP68 waterproof

At the Samsung S7 announcement they claimed it could stand 30 minutes in a meter and a half of water. How did they achieve this? "From the inside out", as explained in the launch video:

Did it survive the washing machine battle though? Watch to find out...