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Fake Av and ransomware

Ransomware: The new smartphone virus evil

Ransomware has been a nasty plague for PC users for years. This is where the victims are forced to pay the virus authors to unlock their systems. The bad news for smartphone users is there are now reports in the wild of the same thing targeting their handsets.

Symantec is warning Android users of Android.Fakedefender which has elements of both fake AV alerts and ransomware. Infected users see a realistic looking "virus scan" but find their handset is locked up with a warning that they need to pay to unlock it.

Looks can be deceptive - is that really an Anti-Virus app?

Using the old trick of infecting the device by pretending to be cleaning it, the software is taking in a suprising number of users. Symantec released this warning video: 

The best way to avoid malicious apps is to stick to mainstream apps from trusted sources such as the Google Play store. Android is open and allows you to download and install apps from virtually anywhere, but those apps might not be vetted and often can’t be trusted.